External GPS: necessary if interfacing directly with MCU?


I’m considering adding an external GPS. Is there any reason to route it through the notecard as well if I plan to use it directly from the MCU? Will the notecard function as it should with no GPS (and it’s own GPS turned off)?

Regards, Gaute

Hi @gauteh,

The Notecard will operate fine with its own GPS disabled. However, routing an external GPS through the Notecard AUX does provide the following:

  • the accelerometer can be automatically used to enable and disable the GPS either on a timed basis, or when the module has moved, by using AUX-EN, which uses the accelerometer to detect the lack of movement
  • all Notes created are automatically tagged with location
  • the card.location.mode/card.location.track APIs allow for automatic creation of tracking notes and journey segments
  • on Notehub, the device, and events created by the device, are tagged with location.

Hope that helps!