Extra _env.dbs Events with Counter

I am using the Notecard as a standalone Counter (no MCU). I want to report cumulative pulse count at fixed intervals of time. I am setting the _aux_gpio_report_enable environment variable to have the count be reported through the _aux_gpio_report variable. I set the periodic inbound sync to 30 minutes to get a report of the environment variables every 30 minutes. All this is working, however, when I use a test pulse signal with a period of 2.5 seconds, I get multiple _env.dbs Events for each inbound sync. I suspect that I get an event for every counter change that occurs while the sync is occurring. For example, for the Inbound sync event that occurred at 3:16:08 PM, I received 4 different _env.dbs events stamped at 3:16:05, 3:16:07, 3:16:10 and 3:16:12 PM. This is a problem because I want to Route the _env.dbs events, and I will burn up a lot Consumption Credits with all these extra events. Any way to fix this problem? Thanks.