Firmware update for Swan + Notecarrier-F

My Notecard firmware is version notecard-2.1.1. The current firmware version is v3.x, and the lowest supported version is 2.11.0. Reviewing the ‘Firmware Update Process’ instructions, it seems that it will be necessary for me to mount my Swan to the Notecarrier-F (with my WiFi Notecard installed) in order to update the Notecard firmware. Is this correct?

Is the process the same for both a WiFi Notecard and a cellular Notecard?

Hi @markwkiehl,

You don’t need the Swan to update the Notecard firmware, just Notecard + Notecarrier. There are two ways for you to update the firmware yourself, either over-the-air using Notehub or a manual update over USB using STM32CubeProgrammer.

And yes the procedure is the same for both Cellular and Wi-Fi Notecards.