How does Notecard handle chunked/ delayed packets of data (UART)

How does the notecard handle chunked or delayed bytes of data through UART? What if some number of bytes of a JSON command is delayed (up to 1.5msec-2msec, potentially over an entire frame) from the rest? Essentially, what is the worst case frame to frame delay we can send data to blues with?

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Hi @abar2437

Checking on this. I misinterpretted the question at first, thinking it was between chunks (frames) not within a frame.

I know it looks for a line terminator, but still investigating the timeout when not receiving bytes.

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Just looking to confirm the timeout value waiting for data before sharing.

Notecard can accept a substantial delay between when bytes of a request arrive.
That is , if a partial request arrives, Notecard will wait for more bytes to arrive for about a minute before throwing away the initial bytes from the partial request. At this point Notecard assumes the MCU was unable to send the remainder of the message.