Data too long to fit in transmit buffer error

I’m trying the sensor tutorial here - note-tutorials/esp32-with-library.ino at master · blues/note-tutorials · GitHub - and I’m getting the above error from the notecard.sendRequest(req) line - any ideas?

I’ve just updated to v1.3.5 of the Blues library in Arduino IDE and now I’m just getting “notecard not responding” with just barebones code from here Sensor Tutorial - Blues Wireless Developers

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Would you describe or share a photo of your hardware setup?

Notecard Firmware Version:
Blues Wireless note-arduino SDK Version: v1.3.5

NOTE: To find the Notecard Firmware Version, send {"req":"card.version"} to the Notecard from the Notecard Playground.

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Thanks for the reply Zak.
I’m running the ESP32 on the Notecarrier-AF
Notecard Firmware Version: notecard-

When programming it I had the usb cable powering just the esp32, not the Notecarrier. I tried having the Notecarrier powered separately via another usb cable but that didn’t help.

Also I’m located in Australia, hence the slow replies :slight_smile:


@SensaWeb I took the hardware you were using, along with the firmwares listed, but I was unable to reproduce your error.

I used the sample code you referenced, verbatim, with the exception of changing the productUID variable to point to my Notehub account, and everything seemed to work.

Can you share (or DM) a picture of your hardware setup and a copy of the exact firmware you are running?