How to check if queued messaged in Notecard was sent using HTTP API requests

Hey there! I’m trying to use the HTTP API to send data/payload to a device using the Blues HTTP API on python with the requests library. I wasn’t fully sure if I properly grasped the way Notes get queued and sent out to devices. For my application, I’m interested in seeing if the devices/blues module ACKs/accepts the payload I send it. However the response I get from the request is an ACK that Note.add command successfully queued a message into a Notecard, not that the device received it. Is there a way to check/request to see when the last handshake with the device was or if the message gets dequeued through a request? My goal is to tell the user that the device essentially received the payload.

Hi @Borna44 and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

Since the Notecard is by default configured as a low-power/low-bandwidth device, an extra response back to Notehub that it received an inbound note is not created. However, on the Notecard itself you can use the file.changes and note.get APIs to register that it did receive an inbound note and thus send another note back to Notehub for confirmation.

The usage of these APIs are summarized in the quickstart and the Notecard Walkthrough.


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