Note delivery confirmation

Is there any way to receive an acknowledgment when a note is delivered from hub → device? Ideally, we would like the device host MCU to generate the acknowledgment after an inbound note is read, validated, and stored. For example, a typical settings.db note file may include a note that a user adjusts using a web app, such as a temperature alarm limit. The user sets a new value in a web app form and then presses a ‘save’ button which posts this new value to notehub with an API call. The user should receive a confirmation that the setting has been delivered to the device successfully, or at minimum, an error if something went wrong.

I don’t see anything in the documentation about confirmations/acknowledgments. Is there a way to achieve this in your platform and do so at scale?

Hi Ed,

Read and acknowledge receipts for the application data exchanges are not a built-in feature.

The host MCU application of the Notecard could mark a user defined flag as “yes I’ve read this value” and sync it back to Notehub. Then that change in the flag gets routed to the web application via Notehub route.

That does imply a couple of things.

  1. Each change to a DB-file on Notehub would also need to change the value of the “flag” to “unread”

  2. Each change to a DB-file that was made by Notehub would need to be acknowledged by the Notecard.

  3. The Notehub wouldn’t know about the acknowledgement until the next sync, so the host MCU app may want to ensure a sync is forced at the end of reading the configuration changes.

Does this answer your question?


That answers the question, thank you…