Inbound db file sync

If notecard is hub.set to continuous mode with the sync parameter set to True, should it automatically sync .db files when they arrive in notehub, or does that still require a manual hub.sync
be issued from the host->notecard?

@ec123 inbound notes posted via API to notehub (e.g. message.qi) will be delivered to the notecard within minutes without requiring on the notecard to make a call to fetch them (hub.sync).

Is this information correct? The notecard ATTN pin can be connected to a host MCU interrupt pin for immediate processing of received messages. If it takes minutes for data to be delivered there wouldn’t be any need to use MCU interrupts. Common IoT messaging protocol MQTT pub/sub when operated over CAT-M1 cellular is almost instantly delivered from broker to subscriber. I would expect the notehub/notecard transport to be similar speed.
@BluesWireless - can you confirm how quickly inbound notes posted via API to notehub will be delivered to a notecard (and the ATTN pin asserted)? Also, does this work for only message.qi type notefiles, or also for .db files?
Thank You! - Ed

Hi @ec123!

This is by no means an official response, but I happen to be working on a project this weekend, and I’m experiencing about 3-5 seconds delay from Notehub to an idle Notecard.

Does that apply for all types of inbound notes including .db files, or just .qi type?

@ec123 yes, that would apply to .db and .qi files.