How to send many sensor values to the cloud

I am interested in using the Note Card to send data from a device I am wearing as I jog around the city. I plan to use a couple sensors, BME680 and a SPS30 PM2.5 sensor, to monitor the air I am breathing as I do my workout. The BME680 can produce 4 different sensor values and the SPS30 can produce at least 5 values and then GPS coordinates so I can identify especially bad locations. I would like to have all the data routed to my own server, influxdb or something like that, so I can retain all the data. I wanted some advice on how to get this many values sent. I tried Thingspeak and was able to get it all working but they use a maximum of 8 fields.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @mdede439,

First of all - I love this idea and am jealous that I didn’t think of it myself!

I haven’t personally used ThingSpeak, but I do routinely send a lot of data to other platforms like Ubidots and Datacake. If you’re able to get all of your sensor values into a single Note (which it sounds like you have), then Notehub + those IoT platforms make it quite easy to route that data. You can see our routing guides for more details too.


Thanks for the suggestion and the kind words. I do this as a hobby and my first requirement for a project is something I would use. I cannot just make something for the sake of making it because when I get stuck most of my motivation goes and I drop the project. This idea I have been playing around with for a awhile. First I wanted to use LoRa, but in a city with very few gateways it would not be able to send real time data. Then I was going to use the Thiny91 from Nordic, but the learning curve to use the IDE required is too steep for me now. Your device is perfect. There is a lot I need to learn but it is very manageable, great support, and very reasonable in cost.

I will let you know how it works out.