I2C / Feather M4 / Blues notecard

Hi, everyone.
This is a I2C protocal wave form.
I can have data handshake between Feather M4 and Blues Notecard.
but Blues send back a package is so large
is there any setting can shortern the message?
or does someone knows what message it is?
or what can I do to this message?
thx lot!!

Hi @williamzoe2002,

The scope picture is beautiful :heart_eyes:; I’ve wanted a Rigol forever!

Can you be more specific about the “handshake”? What message are you sending to the Notecard, and what is it sending back. At this point, it would be more interesting to know the strings from the log output.

It is possible to modify the I2C parameters, but it would be nice to know your requirements, so we can make a more tailored suggestion.

In the meanwhile, here is a link to our Serial-Over-I2C protocol. This will help explain some of the traffic you are seeing.