I2c: received NACK

Hi, having problems with an Arduino app since I updated the notecard firmware:
The code:

J *motionReq = nc.requestAndResponse(nc.newRequest("card.motion"));

sometimes gives this error:

15:41:14.277 -> {"req":"card.motion"}
15:41:14.277 -> i2c transmit: i2c: received NACK on transmit of address {io}
15:41:14.277 -> {"err":"i2c: received NACK on transmit of address {io}"}
15:41:19.535 -> {"req":"card.attn","mode":"arm,motion"}
15:41:27.751 -> invalid JSON: 
15:41:27.751 -> {"err":"unrecognized response from card {io}"}

my card is:

 "version": "notecard-",
 "device": "dev:864475044242211",
 "name": "Blues Wireless Notecard",
 "sku": "NOTE-NBGL500",
 "board": "1.11",
 "api": 4,
 "body": {
  "org": "Blues Wireless",
  "product": "Notecard",
  "version": "notecard-4.1.1",
  "ver_major": 4,
  "ver_minor": 1,
  "ver_patch": 1,
  "ver_build": 4015681,
  "built": "Dec  5 2022 12:54:58"
Any suggestions? - thanks

Hey @nicbkw,

Sorry you’re having issues here. To start, could you check what version of note-arduino you’re using? And if it’s something older than 1.3.18 could you try upgrading and see if you’re still having the problem.

TJ VanToll

Hi Tj,

Thanks for the response and sorry for my delayed reply.
I do have notecard-arduino library version 1.3.18 installed
FYI, I have an Adafruit BLE sense featherboard and a separate INA219 board connected to notecard I2C - could this be a pull-up issue?

Hi @nicbkw,

It could be a pull-up issue, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with upgrading your firmware.

Can you send a picture of the hardware you are working with?

I tried to look up the MCU you described as, “Adafruit BLE sense featherboard”, but I didn’t have much luck. The closest thing I could find was, “Feather nRF52840 Sense (nRF52840).” As far as the INA219 goes, it’s a TI chip, but I’m guessing you also purchased it from Adafruit as the Stemma breakout.


Have I guessed correctly? Also, it would be good to understand your power supply. If you do supply a photo, please make sure it will reveal this as well. Finally, I would like to see as much of the code as you are willing to share. The logs you provided, indicate there is more code than you originally supplied.