Is it possible to alter functionality of the Sparrow boards to run without pairing?

I am trying to set up the Sparrow Dev kit to operate without pairing so that anything on the frequency and within range could communicate. The idea is that we would have mobile reference nodes and need to add on more in the future, ideally without having to go to the gateway and manually pair the boards before operation. Is this realistic given the current firmware?

Hello @gwsexton, we are glad to have you in the forum!

We provide Sparrow as a development kit. Meaning, it is not under active development, but we do update it and add features from time to time. It is designed to be an open-source example, both hardware and firmware, of what can be achieved at the IoT edge, while using the Notecard as the back haul to Notehub.

As such, you are free to modify the Sparrow firmware in any way that you see fit. However, we cannot support any efforts to deviate from the main tree.

To answer your question directly, “No, not today.”

That being said, you have touched on a popular request. We do intend to create a feature where you could provide a secret key during compilation, and the node would pair automatically.

Would that solve your problem, and what is your timeline for needing this to be available?


I believe that could achieve the desired effect, but the timeline for the project is set to end in May.