Sparrow with third party LoRa nodes

Hi All,

I’m having Seeed Wio E5 based LoRa sensor node, Is it possible to connect third party LoRa nodes with Sparrow board?. If possible please let me know the procedure for that.

Pradeep S.

Hi @Pradeep, and welcome back to the forum.

Yes, we do support the Seeed Wio-E5, and building for it is a snap!

To build the firmware [MANDATORY]:

  • Update CURRENT_BOARD to the value of three (3) in <sparrow_reference_firmware>/CMakeLists.txt

To update Intellisense [OPTIONAL]:

  • Update CURRENT_BOARD to the value of three (3) in <sparrow_reference_firmware>/.vscode/c_cpp_properties.json

Mentioning @JimM, because I think he would be interested in this, as well.


Hi @zfields, thanks for the information.

The LoRa E5 can be work in two modes. One is standalone LoRa node by using internal STM soc and another one is AT mode with external controllers.

Sadly I’m in the second option. So, how about in this case?

Pradeep S.

Hey @Pradeep,

Oh man, that’s tough. I don’t want to say, “It’s not possible,” because, honestly, I don’t know. However, I can say that you would be moving down an unsupported path.

The Sparrow firmware has an application host layer that is designed to meet certain timing intervals, key exchanges, etc. to create a low-power and secure network. It’s also worth noting that Sparrow uses LoRa and not LoRa WAN, which you would need to consider as well.

The Sparrow firmware is open source and it may serve as a good starting point to tailor to your constraints. Although, again, we would not be able to support this course of action.

If you do decide to pursue this path, feel free to let us know if we can clarify any details that we have provided in, or omitted from, our documentation or the Sparrow hardware itself.


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Hi @zfields ,

Thank you so much for the clarification, I’m not aware of the STM mode. So,I just designed my application in that AT track. No issues I can build my own receiver node with Notecard and try to copy the sparrow’s functionality.

Pradeep S.

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