Sparrow Reference Sensor Node access to GPIO

Is it possible to access the Sparrow reference sensor node GPIO (I2C, SPI, and/or UART) to connect a new sensor and transmit data thru the Sparrow network? I understand that a custom firmware would need to be created, and upload to the board.
If that is possible, would any external sensor with a library supporting the STM32WLE5+ microprocessor be used on the creation of such a custom firmware?


Hi @ivm512, glad to have you in the community!

Yes, you are correct. You can control external sensors using the GPIO of the Sparrow Node. The only caveat is you need to incorporate your usage of the sensor into the Sparrow Application Model.

You can checkout our Builder’s Guide to get a feel for the way applications are supposed to run on the Sparrow Application Host. We also have a line-by-line breakdown of our Diagnostic application.

Be sure to reach out if you have any further questions!

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Thanks for the welcome, and the quick reply. Although the documentation is good, it will be a steep learning curve for me to get it thru. Although, I am glad the forum is here to help. :slight_smile:

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