UK availability

Are either of the developer kits (Sparrow/Global) available and deployable within the United Kingdom? I believe the UK uses a different frequency than the USA for LoRa.

Hi @darkerenergy and welcome to the Blues community!

It just so happens we are releasing a new LoRa product next week: Notecard LoRa. There will be region-specific Notecard LoRa variants for US and EU frequencies (as well as a LoRaWAN starter kit that includes a gateway).


Hi Rob -
That’s great news! Blues looks like a fantastic infrastructure and just what I need for my particular situation. I arrived at Blues because I’m looking for a way to tie some custom sensors into AWS IoT via LoRa, so I’m hopeful that the new Notecard LoRa will enable me to do that. I’ll be paying careful attention on the 29th when the exciting developments arrive.

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