Is there any interest in community created technical documents?

In my post Blues Wireless team did incredible job I presented my view (based on 40+ years of experience) about Blues team efforts spent to create a world class startup.

Technical documentation is one of the critically important categories even if compared with the actual product development, as the most brilliant software tool is pretty useless if it is not properly described/easy to use - by the sufficient number of users (do I dare to say “average” users?).

My most difficult task as a software development manager was to create the atmosphere where software developers enthusiastically participate in technical documents creation, particularly in startups, where all team members are already way overloaded with product development and testing. This is why I would like to ask other members of Blues community whether there is interest in helping this specific (technical documentation like blogs, tests and samples) activities. Please add at least “like” tag, or preferably a response with a few sentences explaining a specific topic of interest.

Example: I documented all my slip-ups, misunderstandings of the current documentation I encountered in a pretty basic project making the Swan red LED blink (article
Seemingly incomplete information in Swan Quickstart)

My biggest difficulty was the structure of the document I used as a guide - Swan Quickstart which is written as a refresher for a lot more experienced Blues developer (mostly because it addresses all development tools at once, meaning that the document is written as a complex “if then else elseif then …”

In order to provide some supporting evidence for this discussion I will rewrite the article Swan Quickstart - Blues Wireless Developers in a style of a guide, adding more comments where I found the need for them.

Key point: if some of Blues users are indeed interested in such and similar efforts, Blues developers might sense some relief to even more focus on the product itself

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Is getting one “like” in 6 days a sign of lack of interest in community created technical documents concept, or should I keep this idea active for a longer period of time?

The site RedwoodJS Community contributions shows an example of this idea, created for RedwoodJS application framework.

I wouldn’t put too much stock into the “likes” on a forum post one way or another. Many times in technical communities you just have to build something so people can see/use it and decide for themselves whether it’s a useful and engaging resource.

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Yes, I agree with your view. @RobLauer.