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I am Nikolaj Ivancic (call me Nik, it is a lot simpler) and I spent nearly all of my life dabbling in software. A long time ago I was very involved in Groove Networks having the same idea as I have today - to improve the lives of people participating in US healthcare processes. It seems that this idea (making patients own all their data created in their interactions with health providers and all consequences from that approach) was at least 15 years ahead of its time. See Pursuing Perfection: The Synapse Between Silos: Patient-Centered Care in Whatcom County for more details about that effort in WA State.

My current interest in IoT is focused on using the Blues Wireless platform in the applications designed to improve the lives of people participating in US healthcare processes.


Apologies for adding my own introduction in your Welcome to the Blues Wireless Community! post, @bsatrom.

I was not sure how to stuff it in its specific topic (Introduction Thread) - probably should have used a reply button there :shushing_face:.

No apology needed @adriatic! Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome to the Blues Community! We’re glad you’re here!

I knew a number of developers at Groove Networks (in Beverly, MA) and am well aware of Ray’s ability to attract top talent - so seeing various introductions in https://discuss.blues.com/t/introduction-thread/ I am not surprised at all :grinning:

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