What a ride it has been!

First, I want to thank the PEOPLE at Blues wireless for their patience and understanding dealing with a total newcomer to IOT. Especially Rob who responded to my simple questions with simple but clear answers (even though I’m sure he knew I’m a big LSU fan).
After researching similar products, I decided to try Blue’s wireless and found their devices and optional hardware to be the best products, with the best plans and product support.
We were so impressed that we hoped to deploy hundreds of Blues in our systems, but it turned out OUR requirements were not practical for these devices. It was not a total loss though because I am now fairly proficient with C/C++, VScode, PIO, Python, Pico, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32nucleo, STM32 SWAN, ST-LINK and IOT in general (clouds).
Enjoyed the ride and hopefully we will have a need for your products in the future.
THANKS again.

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