Is there any way to toggle the power on VIO on a Notecard remotely?

I have some equipment in the field (specifically moored to the seafloor offshore Norway above 80m of water in one of the places that get the worst weather). I have an issue with my MCU, and it’s powered off the Notecard VIO. If I could reboot it every 2 hours it would fix my issue. Is there anyway to convince the notecard / notecarrier-b to do that with some request to the notecard?

Hi @gauteh ,

Sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to socialize your dilemma internally to make sure there wasn’t a clever workaround; of which I was unaware.

The answer to your question is, unfortunately, “No.” There is no way to bring down the voltage on VIO in order to reset your host MCU.

In the future, you could consider powering your MCU from the same source as V+, and attaching the EN pin of your MCU to the ATTN pin of the Notecard. This would enable you to reboot your host MCU as often you see fit, by signaling the ATTN pin.


Hi, thanks. Yeah, I should have attached something to the EN pin. I am powering through VIO because of voltage-level issues (that you helped me figure out ;)). If I could make the notecard unresponsive, maybe disable it? The MCU will reboot. But I’m not sure if it is going to appear unresponsive to the MCU just because it is disabled.

Thanks, Gaute