M.2 Connector type choice

Just curious, I am far from an expert on M.2. Why the type Key E vs Key A? Key A seems to be the most prevalent on Intel motherboards and wireless cards. That said, it does seem to be a dice roll ;-).


While Notecard uses M.2 Key E connectors, it is not compatible with the M.2 standard. That is, Notecard and Notecarrier will not interoperate with M.2 standard equipment and Notecard is of a non-standard length.

Thank you for the info @John_Wiedey . It would be interesting to have a Notecard that would work in a M.2 A key slot, similar to the WiFi / Bluetooth cards that plug into these slots on many Intel and AMD motherboards. This would give useful connectivity option for field small format factor PC’s and Notebooks. For example, I am experimenting with the Google Coral TPU devices in M.2 format factor in small Linux PC for edge AI IOT. There is a second M.2 key A slot available, adding a Notecard in this would give wide area connectivity to this PC without having to put the Notecard in some type of USB dongle. It is interesting to note that Google seems to have solved the M.2 slot wars for the Coral TPU by selling M.2 devices for pretty much every key…

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Thanks for this suggestion for a future Notecard! Unfortunately, we cannot support this for our current Notecard design.