Mechanical Specs NOTE-NBNA-500

The section ‘mechanical specifications’ is empty.

What is the weight, and what are the exact dimensions (technical drawing)? Are there 3D models available?

We have very limited space available in an existing product and would like to make absolutely sure everything fits before we order prototypes.

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Hi @FEW! Thank you for joining the conversation! We are glad you’re trying out the Notecard, and we really appreciate the feedback. It helps us increase clarity and understanding around our product.

The “Mechanical Specifications” section is not intended to be empty. The header font size is probably too close to the size given to “Electrical Characteristics”, which are supposed to be under the “Mechanical Specifications” section.

I have started an internal effort to improve our documentation, but in the meanwhile the approximate* physical dimensions of the Notecard ~are as follows~ (deleted approx measurements) are in the public repository you found and linked to :smiley: .

Thank you very much.
How about a detailed technical drawing and a 3D model?
This is industry standard these days.

I found it! Answering my own questions:

Sorry about that and thanks for your time!

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