Newbie questions on NOTE-NBNA-500 communication UART

Hello all…
I have created a carrier board for NOTE-NBNA-500. This carrier has STM32L476RG processor. I would like to know:

  1. If I download the C Library from Github (link) and include is this all I will need?
  2. Forgive me bcz I am a HW person and FW is secondary but there are a lot of h and c files. Is there a specific command within the library that can be called that will create a JSON format and then send over UART to the cell card? Or is in not that simple?? My hope is to transmit 6 pieces of 12 bit A/D data to the cloud…my first issue is I need functions to create JSON formatted data for the cell card as it seems that is what it wants to send…Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @ridgerunnersjw,

Don’t worry, we love newbie questions here :slight_smile:. If you’re not really a firmware person, my recommendation would be to start with note-arduino and as you get comfortable with those constructs, move to note-c if you need to optimize your solution.

Check out our docs on using the Arduino library as well as the other quickstarts/tutorials on

Let me know if you have any other questions though!


Hi Rob…
Thank you for your response…Unfortunately at my end boards were spun and c it is…I have enough c experience to be dangerous, so I may be leaning on you and your team and the forum for help wrt questions. I have my application stuff working pretty cleanly at this end…Hope is to integrate the library and see data on the cloud. I did purchase a notecarrier F / antenna and NA cell card. I have a backup plan of integrating this to a Nucleo - L476 if my hardware comes in faulty or if things get unclear wrt hw issues on my board.

Hoping to use the sensor video to get me going…

Hi @ridgerunnersjw,

There is still nothing precluding you from using the Notecard Arduino library (it’s an API, not geared towards the Arduino hardware specifically). I’d recommend you at least try it out, as I think your experience will be considerably better!