Notecard Cellular + Wifi WBGLW not able to connect to cellular network

I’ve received the Notecard a few days ago and I’ve been unable to get cellular connection. I’ve done the following diagnostic steps so far.

  1. Connected notecard via WiFi and upgraded it to latest firmware

  2. Created Test Project and verified temperature updates can be sent to notehub via WiFi

  3. I’ve switched card.transport back to “Cell” and tried various wireless modes “m”, “nb”, “auto” .

  4. Changed power source to 20watt usb charger, Changed USB Cables, Changed location to outdoor

But the device still does not connect to cellular connection.

I’ve captured sync trace as below :

S06:44.06 sync: wireless: starting communications {wait-module} {connecting} {transport}
S06:44.07 modem: beginning power-on sequence
S06:48.78 modem: *************** ON ***************
S06:48.78 sync: wireless: modem now ON {modem-on}
T06:53.46 lwip: IP deactivated to conserve energy
M07:03.02 ***
***usart2: transmit TIMEOUT ***
M07:17.26 ***
***usart2: transmit TIMEOUT ***
M07:17.97 *** MODEM TRANSACTION TOO LONG aftr  (28 sec)
M07:17.97 _log.qo: *** MODEM HARD RESET aftr  (28 sec)
M07:17.98 *** HARD RESET ***
M07:17.98 modem: wireless: modem now OFF {modem-off}
M07:17.99 modem: **********************************
M07:17.99 modem: active for 33 sec
M07:17.99 modem: **********************************
S07:18.04 sync: notehub: disconnected (was {connecting}) via close of notebox {notehub-disconnected}
S07:18.04 sync: work: error in isSyncDue: modem: can't connect (5.0 min remaining) {network}{extended-network-failure} {sync-error}

The card goes into penalty mode and then resets and tries again.

I’m based in US, New Jersey and have good cellular coverage at home on my cell phone. I’m not able to get the notecard to work.

Hi @kssgill,

My first thought is to check the antenna. Can you make sure your antenna is securely fastened to the MAIN connector on the Notecard? Also, we have a short guide that walks through common connectivity scenarios that may be helpful: Diagnosing Cellular Connectivity Issues - Blues Developers



I’ve uploaded the pictures of the connections.

Also I did go through the link and verified that nothing was blocking the antenna.

I’ve validated the antenna wires are correctly aligned. I’ve reconnected the antenna wires just to be sure.
I’ve also attacked a 100w power bank and taken the card outside the open in open sky.

I’m at dead end with the unit that works on WiFi but can’t do cellular.


Hi, I’m wondering if the coverage for LTE Cat-1 may be causing this issue? Is their a way to see what carries and signal strength is being detected by Cellular?


Hi @kssgill,

If you take a look at that guide, you can issue a card.wireless request which will give us a little more information on the status of the connection. That should help us see if there is an issue with a poor signal.


The issue was LTE CAT 1 coverage. I purchased narrow band card that supports LTE-M that has wide support with Verizon and ATT in the US.

I found this article really helped a lot:

Notecard never gets past "cell-registration-wait" - #9 by bsatrom

        It was a bit of frustrating experience troubleshoot the issue and get the unit working.