Notehub: Setting Device Environment Variables

Two comments about setting up device environment variables on the Notehub website:

  1. Environment variables used to sort alphabetically, now the environment variables appear in a seemingly random list that change each time you add a new variable. When I have a list of 16 environment variables in random order, it is a pain to find/check the variable I’m looking for.

  2. It would be nice to be able to load a list of environment variables from a file. Typing in 16 environment variables is a pain.

We use device environment variables extensively and love the functionality. The changes in the last update to the Notehub interface (primarily sorting order) were a step back.


@Karl_iWell Thanks for the feedback! The lack of sorting was an oversight from our recent changes to that page and we will be sorting those variables in the our next release.

We’ve also heard from others that being able to upload variables would save time and that’s something we have talked about implementing. I assume a format like a 2-column CSV would work for you?

Scott Frazer

In the mean time, one other option is to use our API to write a script that sets environment variables. See Environment Variable API - Notehub API Reference - Blues Developers


Thanks for the response. 2 column CSV would be perfect.

FYI… We fixed the sorting issue on Wednesday afternoon.
And we’re working on your CSV suggestion.