Notehub unexpectedly updated device environment variables

The note hub appears to have updated the device environment variables for two of our devices. We use one of the environment variables to set the interval for reading our sensors.

Any idea how I determine what or who instigated this update?

Is there an audit trail I can view on the Notehub for environment variable changes?

Here is the JSON record for the update:

“event”: “06fa0e0c-e88b-4b33-9dec-628026e7f9e2”,
“device”: “dev:868050041214004”,
“product”: “product:info.iwell.karl:iwell_customers”,
“app”: “app:f15cd3a0-a772-403c-9c0e-889caaaf356d”,
“endpoint”: “1”,
“received”: 1679335226.635973,
“req”: “note.update”,
“when”: 1679335226,
“file”: “_env.dbs”,
“note”: “device_vars”,
“updates”: 10,
“body”: {
“CL1Enable”: “1”,
“CL1Offset”: “19”,
“CL1Slope”: “0.0009”,
“CL2Enable”: “1”,
“CL2Offset”: “-396”,
“CL2Slope”: “-0.0060”,
“CL3Enable”: “1”,
“CL3Offset”: “-60”,
“CL3Slope”: “0.0010”,
“CL4Enable”: “1”,
“CL4Offset”: “18”,
“CL4Slope”: “-0.0048”,
“PollTime”: “0”,
“_tags”: “”
“fleets”: [

At the moment, we do not have customer-visible audit logs, however, that is on our roadmap.

The environment variable update occurred on Notehub via our API at 2023-03-20 17:57UTC and was updated on the Notecard at 2023-03-20 18:00UTC.

The API call was /v1/projects/app:f15cd3a0-a772-403c-9c0e-889caaaf356d/devices/dev:868050041214004/environment_variables

The user account making the change was:

(Please ignore a previous draft of my response that said we didn’t have the user account information in question.)

Thanks Jim, much appreciated.


This happened again. Any progress on getting customer-visible audit logs?

Here is the json record for the most recent occurrence:

    "event": "77ab3f04-15cf-4567-8c11-9a2afb1687a1",
    "best_id": "dev:860322068023586",
    "device": "dev:860322068023586",
    "product": "product:info.iwell.karl:iwell_customers",
    "app": "app:f15cd3a0-a772-403c-9c0e-889caaaf356d",
    "endpoint": "1",
    "received": 1714266052.773346,
    "req": "note.update",
    "when": 1714266052,
    "file": "_env.dbs",
    "note": "device_vars",
    "updates": 3,
    "body": {
        "CL1Enable": "1",
        "CL2Enable": "1",
        "CL3Enable": "1",
        "PollTime": "1440",
        "_tags": "Nokota 3 port verizon in testing"
    "fleets": [

Hi Karl,

Audit logging is something we’re targeting for Q4. In the meantime, our support team can help you track down these issues.

In this case, the change was made on Sunday, April 27th at 9pm ET by using the API call to: /v1/projects/app:f15cd3a0-a772-403c-9c0e-889caaaf356d/devices/dev:860322068023586/environment_variables