Parsing card.attn response in Arduino

Per documentation here Low Power Design - Blues Wireless Developers I am looking to put my host to sleep and wake it up using card.attn function. The document mentions sending a card.attn request on host startup to verify the reason for the triggered attn signal. A wakeup from sleep looks like below.

 "files": [
 "set": true

I was wondering if there are any existing helper functions in the Arduino library or some example code for dealing with the array ?


Hey @ssozonoff welcome to the community, we’re glad you’re here! And great question. If you check out this example in the note-Arduino repo, you can see how we suggest construction the files array for that request: note-arduino/Example4_InboundInterrupts.ino at master · blues/note-arduino · GitHub

Hope that helps!

Thanks for you response, I will have a look a that.