Radio Access Technology Information


I know we can get the latest RAT used by the notecard with the request “card.wireless”.

Is there a list of values returned for the item “rat”? I’m using the SKU “NOTE-NBGL500”. For now, I was able the test a GSM connection (“rat”:“gsm”) and a Cat-M1 connection (“rat”:“emtc”) but I’m not able to test a Nb-IoT connection.

Are these values coming from the firmware or from the cellular provider? If I move the device across the world, will, for example, a GSM connection always be “rat”:“gsm” and a Cat-M1 connection always be “rat”:“emtc”?


Hi Alec,
The “rat” field comes from the modem, not the provider, so the string will be consistent across providers.

NOTE-NBGL500 supports the following RATs:

NOTE-NBNA only supports eMTC.