Rust on the Swan!


The Swan can soon be programmed in Rust. The following pull-requests are still necessary:

with these two applied the following quick-start should work:

for instance some blinking and RTT printing or using both I2C1 and I2C3, I2C3 is available without the Swan Carrier on pins A3 and D11.

The STM32L4 series already has a HAL, and it is now a matter of adapting and adding the R5 to devices to make it fully working.

You can even use RTT with the st-link probe through probe-run. So if you also got the st-link from the blues shop you are ready to cargo run the project and watch RTT output on your machine.

(announcement tweet)

I’ll post here when the pull request have been merged (hopefully). There is already a Rust driver for the notecard (thread].

Regards, Gaute


This is awesome, @gauteh! I look forward to taking this for a spin.

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Swan support just got merged in stm32-rs/stm32-rs.

Working on getting swan support merged in the HAL next!