I’m trying to use the FastLED library with the SWAN board and it appears that it’s not one of the pre-defined STM32 configurations. It does have configurations for STM32F10X_MD and STM32F1. It looks like I could just add the constant for STM32L4R5, but that appears to not be defined. I’ve tried a few variations; STM32L4, STM32L4, STM32L4R5, STM32L4R5 and nothing seems to be defined. Is it possible to see what global definitions are defined for the SWAN?

I’m unfamiliar with the FastLED library, but a cursory search showed it to be an Arduino library.

If I’m correct, and you are using Arduino, then you can use the very general ARDUINO_ARCH_STM32 or the very narrow SWAN_R5 constants to identify the Swan.