Sample code for SWAN board wake on motion with LSM6DSOX

Hi, I would like to know if there is any usable sample for SWAN board wake on motion with LSM6DSOX accelerometer.


Hey @iarakis,

I don’t have specific code for the LSM6DSOX accelerometer, but the Notecard itself has an onboard accelerometer that you can use to put a host like the Swan to sleep.

Here’s the request you need if you want to try it out. You’ll also need to write the Notecard’s ATTN pin to the Swan’s EN pin.

  "req": "card.attn",
  "mode": "arm,motion"

Docs: card Requests - API Reference - Blues Developers
A project that uses this approach: Remote Alerting Mailbox -


Yes, I know there is an accelerometer in Notecard. However, my application is structural monitoring and I think I need a higher sensitivity for wakeup detection.