Session_Token lifetime

What is the Lifetime of a session_token?


Good question.

Currently session tokens have a long lifetime of 10 years. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Thank you @gwolff.

Follow up question. Is there a limit on how many concurrent session_tokens that a single Project UID can have? i.e by multiple devices running mobile apps that access Notehub API.

There is no limit that we are aware of.

Thanks @gwolff . I was hoping that to be the case.

Hi, I have a followup question and clarification. Is the token life is still 10 years?

Hi @barcesat,

Yes, however, we are soon going to be deprecating the session token method for Notehub API authentication in favor of an OAuth workflow. This doesn’t mean session tokens will stop working, but we highly recommend people switch over to OAuth as soon as it is ready (I’m guessing in the next month or so).