Sessions data seems high

I was going through the system today and noticed some odd data in the sessions sections of the notehub. I have had an application running for a few weeks and to my knowledge not much data has passed through the system. In some cases though, the number of notes seems high, not excessively, but higher that I would think. Rather than less than 10 one day there was 29. What seems more odd is that the number of seconds. For example, Monday with 29 notes, notehub shows 186,527 seconds, which seems very high. What does the seconds refer to and should it be this high? The system is not constantly sending data, only on request and the rests are few if any on a daily basis

Hi @rksteeves,

This is very difficult to debug without knowing a lot more about your firmware and configuration of the Notecard. Generally speaking, the _session.qo Notefiles are created each time the Notecard creates a new session (connection) to Notehub. This can happen on a periodic basis that you set, or if it needs to sync environment variables either from the device or from Notehub, or if you’re syncing immediately when a new Note is created, and so on. If you can provide more details we can help diagnose the issue better.


Sorry for the delay, but I have had some internet issues since the weekend.

I can provide you with more detail, but I was somewhat interested in the seconds being reported. By my calculation, there is only 86,400 seconds in a day, so 186,000 seemed high, regardless of the application.

The application is running on a Swan board.
Connection I believe is continues
The Swan works on a note interrupt and only does something based on getting a note posted by me which is not a lot as you can see by the sessions log
Note requested consist of:

  • temperature check → result is a text sent via twilio of current temperature
  • temperature login → result os a value of temperature and humidity sent hourly through to ubidots
  • Switch request → turn on an appliance via relay connected to the Swan and a text sent that indicates current temperature

I hope this helps clarify things. If you need anything else, I am happy to provide

Hi @rksteeves,

In what context do you see “seconds” presented? Is that in a specific Note in Notehub?


Ah got it, thanks. In this case “seconds” refers to the length of the session. So if your Notecard is in continuous mode, this makes sense (as you’ll see long sessions for continuously connected Notecards).