Sparrow reference app versus app accelerator apps


What are the differences between the Sparrow air quality reference app / indoor air quality accelerator app? I understand the IAQ solution features SMS alerts… can the two apps be merged?



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Hey @mikec,

can the two apps be merged?

Yes, but with some work to alter the web app.

The Sparrow reference web app is intended to be a reference web app you can use for any Sparrow project. By default it shows the default data the Sparrow hardware publishes (temperature, humidity, and pressure). You can can see an example here, but look at the Georgia gateway—my sensors in Michigan apparently all ran out of battery and I need to fix that today :slight_smile:

The indoor air quality accelerator accelerator includes firmware necessary to get an indoor air quality sensor working with the Sparrow architecture.

My recommendation if you wanted to merge the two would be to:

  1. Start with the accelerator and get to the point where you see Notes in Notehub with the appropriate "aqi" values from the sensors.
  2. Set up the Sparrow Reference Web App and make sure you can see the default data.
  3. Alter the Sparrow Reference Web App. If you search for "air.qo" in that project’s GitHub repository you’ll find how that project currently parses air.qo Notes, and you’ll need to replicate that handling for the aqi.qo Notes that the indoor air quality accelerator publishes.


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Hi TJ,

Thanks for the pointers. I’ll give this a try and see how it goes.