STLINK debugger

I bought a starter kit including a Swan board. I am trying to get started with it.

I wish I had been advised to buy the STLINK V3 Mini (or Minnie) when I placed the order. It is really not possible to do much without it. I am in the UK an there is no stock in the country.

Also, the photos of the Swan board on the website show a STDC 10 pin connector. The Swan boards I received have 14 pin connectors. If I could use another programmer I can’t find any mating connectors in the country.

I have a STLINK V2 with 0.1" pitch pins and various breakouts and STDC 10 pin cables and adapters. I can’t find the pinout information in the Blues Swan documentation to see if it is safe to cut off the outer four pins and use my 10 pin connectors.

Does anyone have the pinout information for the debug connector on the Swan V3.0?

Does anyone know if an STLINK V2 can be used, assuming I can rig an adapter between it and the Swan board?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Rob,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was confused at first as a comment was made in a recent webinar that mentioned the STLink connector overhanging the connection, so I thought it was all 10-pin connectors on the boards, but when I looked at mine it was also 14-pin. I have now looked up the pinout for you though.

Function Pin Pin Function
NC 1 2 NC
GND 7 8 DO
NC 9 10 DI
GND 11 12 RST

This is also described in the [](https://STLink User Manual) on page 24

You can use an STLink V2 and ensure that the connector is centred over the debug header, using pins 3 - 12. I think need an adaptor that converts from the 0.1" pitch to the 0.05" pitch on the swan. I have had a search but cannot find one I am sure works, mostly as I am not certain of the pinout of your programmer.

Doing this will lose you access to the VCP pins, which incidentally are TX0 and RX0 on the Swan, so are also available on the castellated edge connections at the base, next to the debug header. See here

I hope this helps.

Kimball Johnson

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Hi Kimball,

Thanks for the reply. I had pretty much worked that all out. I was able to get a V3 Minie from Digikey. It will be along in a few days. I only have 10 pin JTAG connectors and didn’t want to cut off pins 1, 2, 13 and 14. The adapter I have is an Adafruit product SWD (2x5 1.27mm) Cable Breakout Board : ID 2743 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

It might be a good idea to suggest to foreign purchasers of starter kits that they include the debug adapter. It is a lot less expensive than the FedEx shipping cost.



No problem, happy to help.

I can understand the frustration with the connector - while you can fit a bigger plug onto the swan’s connector, you cannot fit a smaller one, and that breakout you have from Adafruit sadly will not accept a bigger one. I am unable to find a breakout board with a similar style header to the swan.

I will pass on your comments regarding the suggestion for our European customers on purchasing the debugger at the same time as the starter kit.


Thanks for your explanation.

I now have several more questions. I’ll put them in another thread.


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