Strange notecard response

I was wondering what happens if I try to connect to Notecard from two different terminals (one after the other). So, I wanted to disconnect from the Notecard and tried with the command “disconnect”.

The response was beautiful

 "err": "JSON object expected: disconnect {io}"

However, trying with the offered command: “disconnect {io}” I got

 "err": "cannot interpret JSON: string or '}' expected near 'io' {io}"

I seems that the initial error reponse is off - my interpretation was clearly bad

You can only send properly-formatted JSON commands through the REPL - so sending a string like disconnect will return an error. If you want to disconnect from a terminal, you can click the USB button:


I failed to point you to my point :grinning: If one enters a command that is not a syntactically correct JSON object, the error message should be simple that (“JSON object expected”.

Getting back the error message JSON object expected: disconnect {io} made me believe that I was a lot closer to the Disconnect command.

Got it - will definitely log this for review!