The RIGHT cable for externally charging an AirNote

Within the case design of the AIrNote, there is very little ‘extra’ room. I have been having charging troubles so I wanted to mount my AirNote with an external cable attached, all the time. The designers provided a cable-way with a punch out tab, on the AirNote, so they seem to have had this in mind.

Tried to adjust many cables but I just couldn’t bend them enough to fit inside. Off I went on a search for an ‘over the counter’ solution. Having found it, I had to share:

StarTech 2m MicroUSB-A to Up Angle MicroUSB-B.

Product Number: USBAUB2MU

And here is an Amazon (Canada) product link:

If you need to externally charge your AirNote, in place, you need this cable!


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