Using BME280 with Notecard alone

“req”: “card.aux”,
“mode”: “track”,
“sync”: true,
“file”: “track.qo”

Why does this not work to send temperature to Notehub?

Hi @jim and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

Can you please verify that you have your BME280 wired up per the instructions given here? Feel free to send a picture of your wiring if you have any doubts.


I found the solution. Need to have motion.mode started for any of the tracking functions to work. Working great now. Thanks for the response.

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I have the similar problem. I am using BME280 I2C sensor connected to AUX1, AUX4 pins as described in the documentation.

I have enabled the track mode using card.location.track. and “req”: “card.aux”, “mode”:“track”.
then I am doing the sync. On the notehub side, I do not see a file _track.qo or similar.