What is AUX RX/TX and how do I use it?

AUX-RX/TX pins are auxiliary UART pins designed to help developers monitor and debug Notecard applications.

Enabling AUX-RX/TX

By default, the AUX-RX/TX pins are disabled to prevent unnecessary power draw when not in use.

In order to enable AUX-RX/TX, the AUX-EN pin must be jumped to the Notecard logical high voltage. On Notecarrier boards, you can jump AUX-EN to VIO>.

The use of AUX-RX/TX are not recommended for deployed applications, especially if they are battery powered. The auxiliary UART requires more power than the UART on the RX/TX pins.

Auxiliary Serial Communications Config

To communicate with the Notecard using the auxiliary UART, configure your serial device as follows:

Baud Rate 115200 (bits/second)
Data 8 bit
Parity none
Stop bits 1 bit
Flow control none