Why data.qo requested sync

I’m seeing this message in my Events
{“why”:“data.qo requested sync (data.qo)”}

Which is right after a sync however the timer on my device is not set to sync for another 5 hours so I’m curious how this event was fired(how did data.qo requested sync?)

Hi @bkauf and welcome to the Blues community!

When you’re issuing the note.add request, are you using the sync:true argument as well? If so, this will initiate a sync with Notehub as soon as the data.qo Note is created.


I am, but it’s wrapped in an if statement that looks for a 12 hour time window. Maybe something happened with my timer. Another quick question on this topic.

Sometimes I get these events in note hub in a _session.qo file without a data.qo file
{“why”:“periodic inbound sync due”}

I have req[“mode”] = “periodic” . Are these _session.qo events expected and is there a specific time window that controls them?

Thank you!

Yep, those _session.qo Notefiles are created each time a new session is initiated with Notehub. See this doc for more details.