About data persistence

I guess that the data persistence of the MCU is true while the MCU has the power - in the opposite case (battery dies, or power supply goes away) everything is lost.

This might seem obvious to IoT developers, so let me represent the complement of that category (IoT novices). As I have not found any information about that within the Blues domain, can someone explain this?

Hi @adriatic,

Anything written to flash (i.e. non-volatile storage) will persist after a power cycle, but anything stored in RAM will be lost if power is cut. In the case of the Notecard, all settings and queued Notes are saved to flash. So in the event of a power loss, everything will be retained when power is restored.


When I worked with firmware (created one of the first standalone terminals), the idea of having a flash memory was incomprehensible.

Thank you Rob for addressing that many of my issues at once.