Add Reliable Power Backup to Notecard with Scoop

The all new Scoop features a Lithium-Ion Capacitor to provide Notecard with backup power and a lower self-discharge rate than traditional LiPo batteries.
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Any chance to drop a step model of the scoop assembly in the online datasheet ?

Hi @Embedded_iceman - the step file is available here on GitHub:

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Those pin headers, are they connected to the same nets as the JST ? It would be of value to me if I do not need JST-cable-JST in my product.

The JST connectors on the Scoop are the same JST connectors used on our Notecarriers and the batteries sold on our store.

If you’re nervous about things getting plugged where they shouldn’t, you could always desolder or plug the JST connectors from Scoop’s PCB and utilize the additional header pins for a power pigtail of some kind.

Here is a Notecarrier-F next to Tadiran battery and Scoop:

This is the JST connector(s) we utilize alongside these pigtails.

edit- Scoop schematic attached:

We will update an interactive KiCanvas version of the Scoop design soon, just like our Notecarrier’s. Here is the Notecarrier-F, for example.


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Great! hope this info finds its way into the online datasheet :cowboy_hat_face:

What’s the background/minimum draw of the scoop? I’ve connected it to a current-ranger without any load and it seems to stay around 2.0-2.4 mA… (7V input) which seems high.

I did the same this week using my Nordic PPK2 set at 5V and also saw 2.2mA stable draw after the cap was charged.

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