Scoop: replacing the voltage regulator


I bought a couple of Scoops to test out. I was hoping to swap my voltage regulator and capacitors with only the scoop. The input power is 6V Alkaline batteries (4.4-7.2V, discharged-full charged, or multiple parallel packs of 4xD-cells in series). I am using the Notecarrier A for this project (since I need external SIM). Can I power the Notecarrier A on VIO (to skip the onboard voltage regulator) or should I use V+?

Regards, Gaute

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Good question. I was also wondering.
Is there a schematic of the board available?

Hugs and peace,
Rob Oudendijk

There are schematics of all boards here: GitHub - blues/note-hardware


Hi, the lowest background draw I can get with the scoop is 2 mA @ 7V (Add Reliable Power Backup to Notecard with Scoop - #7 by gauteh). That seems very high? Does it eventually fully charge?

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