Tadiran TLP-93111

Why does the Tadiran TLP-93111 battery pictured in the blues shop have a JST termination on the end of it? I thought the only form of battery which should go in the LiPo Jst port on a Notecarrier should always be a rechargeable Lithium Polymer type? The TLP-93111 is a Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery and cannot/should not ever be recharged, is the JST termination for use on another port?

Notecarriers A and F (and older A boards)

On the Notecarrier A and F, the V+ connector can be used for other voltage sources.

The schematic shows the V+ connects to the VMAIN power bus via a protection diode.

(see page 3)

If you have a board without a JST connector that is labelled V+, you can use the breakout pin labelled V+ instead if it has one.

Check the polarity of the JST connector of the battery.

There is no standard about which pin on the JST connector is positive or negative, and they can differ between batteries. Be sure the positive from the battery maps to the pin labelled + on the Notecarrier A JST connector.

To swap polarity: you can use a small screwdriver to pop out the pin receptors in the JST connector of the battery and swap the wires so the polarity is the same as that of the Notecarrier.

Notecarrier B:

On the Notecarrier B, use the pin labelled VMAIN to bypass the LIPO charger connected to VBAT pin and the LIPO JST connector

Do not use USB and supply power on VMAIN simultaneously.

The VMAIN pin doesn’t have a protection diode, so don’t connect USB at the same time as the battery without adding a protection diode to prevent current from flowing back to the battery.