Advice on which notecard - on the US/Canada border

I have an application where I am going to float a ball down the Niagara River and want to track it via GPS. We are may want to track it past Niagara Falls through Lake Ontario and capture it at the end of the St Lawrence River. I’m looking to find out which version of the notecard would be recommended for the most reliable coverage. My understanding from folks who sail that coverage may be patchy on Lake Ontario but as long as I can track it once it’s makes it to the St Lawrence River, it will be fine. We also may add a rudder to steer it so perhaps I can keep it close to one of the shores while it’s in the lake.

Hey @hamslabs,

This sounds like an awesome project!

I’d recommend the wideband North America Notecard (LTE Cat-1 Notecard | North America – Blues Wireless), as you should get the best coverage from it.

I’d also recommend using the diversity (DIV) antenna on the Notecard, as it can improve your GPS signal considerably (see Notecard Host System Design Guide - Blues Wireless Developers).

Best of luck with this. And make sure to report back with how everything turned out :slightly_smiling_face:

  • TJ

Hi TJ,

I watched your webinar last week on tracking and it was awesome especially mixing it with Datacake so that a map can be shown. It’s exactly what I need for this.

Regarding your recommendation for the antenna, I’m also using the Notecarrier-AF with the Swan. Does this cover what your are talking about?

Also, I do plan to write up a tutorial. If you folks would like it on your Hackster page, I’m cool with that.

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The onboard antenna on the Notecarrier-AF will connect to MAIN on the WBNA Notecard, but you can connect an additional antenna directly to the DIV u.fl connector as well. I’ve found this Molex one to work quite well: