Antenna Booster for Notecarrier V

I’m operating a notecarrier B in a low cell service area(Usually only 1 bar on a cell phone). Curious if there are any recommendations for boosting the cell signal with a different type of antenna. Today I’m using the Molex one here

I noticed this one on Adafruit that might be stronger
, has anyone tried both or can recommend a strong one that pairs with the Notecarrier in an area with typically only one bar of service?

We have over 100 devices with WBNA Notecards (CAT-1) that work fine, most in low cell service areas. We are using a Molex Antenna ( 213353-0100).

In low cell coverage areas, I would always use a WBNA Notecard instead of the NBNA (CATM) notecard.

I have over 1000 remote monitors in the field (most not Blues devices) and the Blues Notecards consistently give better cell reception and fewer cell modem problems that our older devices. In my experience you should fine with either antenna. If you run into problems, I would use make sure I’m using a WBNA CAT-1 Notecard and get a diversity antenna.