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Recently we at Safecast are “blessed” with using Airnotes (air quality measuring Notecard based devices) supplied by us by Ray Ozzie. I was wondering if there will be a separate forum setup for those devices or Blues want to keep all the devices in one forum?

Data is slowly coming in at

rob Oudendijk

Hey @robouden great to hear from you again, and glad you’re enjoying the Airnote!

Just to clarify your question, are you looking for:

  1. A separate discussion board (slack, Discord) for Airnote owners to chat?
  2. A project with Airnote devices that anyone can view? (If this is it, we do have that)
  3. A Safecast map with just Airnote devices?

Sorry for the late reply.

I was looking for a section in the forums for the Airnote. Since we are expecting people to start using them and I wanted to be sure they can find answers/support in the forums for their questions.

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No worries, thanks for the follow-up. An Airnote section here on the forum is a good idea and I will add that to my list to add, as well as some FAQ content and pointers to the quickstart, Safecast, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey @robouden thanks again for this suggestion. I’ve created an Airnote category here and will update our guides to point to that location for questions and discussion.

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