When does data begin to show.on the safecast map!

Hello all from the historic environmental justice community of Camden, New Jersey USA.

I just deployed five airnotes at fence line locations adjacent to stationary pollution sources (scrap yard, metal smelter, trash incinerator, slag plant).

I have the private addresses to access each airnote monitor’s dashboard, but I noticed they’re not showing up on the public safecast map yet.

Does anyone know how long it takes for them to appear on the public map?


Hi @bsaracco1 and welcome to the Blues community!

Notehub does immediately route Airnote-created data to Safecast, but it may be the case that there is an issue on their end preventing display. As Safecast is a volunteer-run organization, sometimes they are low on resources to help manage issues like this.



It looks like your airnotes data is being routed correctly to the Safecast infrastructure and ingested into the database. See

I think I saw them on this map Grafana Let me know if you need a dedicated map with only your airnotes and we (at Safecast) can supply you with one.

As Rob Lauer had mentioned, the map is currently in a not optimal state. We at Safecast are working on a solution. But that takes time and resources.

Rob Oudendijk


Thanks so much!

I am going to have to relocate a couple of them soon, but it is great to know they are showing up.