Important Updates to Airnote Support

In an effort to continue to promote the open and community-driven ethos that led us to create the Airnote, we are transitioning support for Airnote devices to the Blues Community Forum (this space), effective immediately. By encouraging use of the public forum, we hope to foster a space where answers to common questions can be seen by everyone and we can continue to learn from one another.

If you already use the Blues community, this change won’t impact you. However, if you’re used to engaging with Blues support via email or chat, you’ll want to direct those questions here, starting today. To learn more about why we’ve made this decision, read on.

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve been impressed with the positive response we’ve gotten with the Airnote. As detailed in this post, the Airnote is personal to Blues, and is connected to Ray Ozzie’s history with Fukushima and Safecast. With the Airnote, we wanted to build a device that brought low-power cellular to air quality monitoring, while at the same time showing off the power of our service for managing fleets of cellular-connected devices.

We’re happy to see that a cellular-connected device has unlocked a number of new deployment options that were not possible for our customers before. And based on your feedback, we’ve tweaked and improved both the firmware and hardware of the device.

In addition, we’ve learned that the best way to support the community of customers using and deploying Airnote devices is to foster the same open and transparent ethos that we take with Airnote data, which we freely publish under a Creative Commons CC0 license and route to Safecast’s global air quality map. To that end, we want to encourage Airnote users around the world to share and collaborate with one another. We’re exploring several ways that we can foster and support all forms of collaboration in the future, and it starts with the Blues Community.

The next time you have a question about your Airnote, from deployment locations, to how to interpret its data, we hope that you’ll consider posting here, where you’ll find members of the Blues team willing to help, along with folks from Safecast, and a growing number of developers and customers who are building connected products with Blues.

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Happy to see the move to open source for the Airnote.

Would be nice to have also The NoteCard as Open source, but I understand the commercial “need” to keep that closed.

Rob Oudendijk