Archived data access

Wondering if there is a tool that can assist with downloading historical data by API or other means? We routinely pull data with a simple python script with an API call, but occasionally go offline for periods of time and miss out on chunks of data. I think Airnote data only lives in the API-accessible region of Notehub for 3-4 months, and is then moved elsewhere, making older data inaccessible. It is also sometimes useful to reconstruct a database from scratch, requiring a full retrieval from all nodes, including the really old stuff.

Hi Professor Peltier,

Good to talk to you again. Welcome to the forum.

You might be happy to know we also provide bulk global Airnote data files here:

I hope your Airnote experiments are going well. I’m glad to see you’re still using it. Please let us know what else is going well or could use improvement.


Carl Henderson