Programmatic Data Access

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to externally access the data from my airnote device other then web view (Programmatically/API) for use in other applications.) Or even locally perhaps (connected to it?)

Hey @geek, thanks for the question and welcome to the community, we’re glad you’re here!

There’s not currently a way to directly access the Airnote data that comes through Notehub, but we are working on a feature for this and hope to have it available soon! If you’re interested in testing it out, shoot me an email at and I can tell you more.

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Awesome, will reach out for sure.

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I think I have the same question: I am new to cloud based services but as near as I can tell the Notecard can push to Notehub which pushes to another service such as Azure or AWS (?). If I want to make an app that app would access that 3rd party service. This adds a potential complication/point of failure (not that I expect AWS to go down) but it complicates things somewhat. Plus, it is possible that terms of service of one of the 3rd parties might change, etc…

Again I’m new to this but I think it would be nice to be able to “cut out the middle man” and be able to push/pull from Notehub directly. I would be interested in such a feature.

Hey @BrianP just to clarify, are you asking about Routing data specifically from an Airnote device to your own cloud app, or a custom Notecard-based solution you plan to build?

So I’m new to this but I’d like to be able essentially poll the data pushed by the Notecard to Blues or push a message to it from (for example) an Android app without having to go through a 3rd party besides Blues.

Got through the documentation I see options to route to Azure, AWS, etc., but I don’t see a direct interface.

If its staring me in the face be kind - I haven’t got my kit yet so I have absolutely no hands on with the technology.

Hey @BrianP thanks for clarifying. For pushing data from the Notehub to another location, you would use a Route. We have examples for this using cloud services, as you saw, but you can Route data to any location you wish, MQTT, HTTP or otherwise.

For pulling data from Notehub or pushing data to Notehub and the Notecard from an external service, you can use the Notehub API. We’re in the midst of refactoring our Notehub API, so you won’t find a ton of documentation on this yet, but more is coming soon.

OK, that’s great news! I have a lot of learning to do but I’m all excited my unit is supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I can get hands on.

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